AMME 2018


1. Language

All submissions should be written in English.


2. Presentation & Publication

1-page abstract-only papers will be included from the presentation sessions, but excluded from the proceedings. Only full accepted papers will be published in the proceedings.


3. Article Length

The minimum number of pages per paper is 4 pages for all contributions.

The maximum number of pages per paper is 30 pages for keynote speakers.

The maximum number of pages per paper is 25 pages for regular contributions.


4. Academic Integrity

Authors have a responsibility to present work that is truly their own. Cheating and plagiarizing the work of others are serious offenses that undermine the spirit of truth in all areas of research. AMME is utterly intolerant of plagiarism. Submitted papers are expected to contain original work executed by the authors with adequate, proper and scholarly citations to the work of others. It is the job of the authors to clearly identify both their own contribution(s) and also published results / techniques on which they depend or build.


5. Formatting

Please do not alter the formatting and style layouts which have been set up in the template document AMME 2018.


6. Submission

The file format could be in MS Word or PDF files. Email your paper to


AMME 2018 Secretariat:

 Mr Liu

T  +86 181 6411 9010

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Important Dates

Submission deadline:

January 12, 2018

Registration deadline:

January 18, 2018

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